Sunday, June 28, 2009

Going to the beach means...

doing art!
I still need to learn how to make waves...
Check out my blogfriend's
for some powerful and heavenly waves.


  1. The sand looks good. You may add more color to the sea. It is difficult to capture the sea waves in canvas.I appreciate your effort.

  2. Painting waves is not easy Ako,the only way to learn it :
    Practice...practice...practice...and now I go to tell you a secret.
    Painting and drawing=
    80% observation and concentration !!!!!!
    15% drawing or painting !!!!!!
    5% lucky :)
    I post a painting in oil on my blog from waves what I paint a few years ego,hope you can see the construction,:)

  3. Hi Ako! thanks for your visit and coment. See you soon! Regards from Spain :)

  4. thank you! it's technically not "my" style since this is a fanart of Matsuri Hino's character and I tried to draw it in her style, but I'm glad you like it!

  5. Ako I cannot believe that you just started doing art this year.

    You are so incredibly talented.

    Renee xoxo

  6. Thanks, Cadap and Mojo. I feel like I'm under your wings. :)

    Nice visit, Yuri and MOnica.

    Renee, I've always been a late starter, but fast learner (except for cooking). With a lot of downtime at work and library books, I'm managing to go along. xoxo back to you!

  7. Nice illos! I liked your style very much!

  8. Keep going I will follow you blog!!!Thanks for comment but I must say only pencil is mine, everything else is work of Ariel!!!

  9. Is this day 21 for you??? Congratulations if it is!!! And if not congratulations on completing some wonderful work! I think you are a natural!!

  10. This is a beautiful painting! i love how you used paint splatters to make for the sand.

  11. Amazing that you've only just started this year. Keep it up!

    Also, thanks for liking my portraits :)

  12. Hello !!! thank you for your comment in my blog ! I will come back soon to read your blog!


  13. Christian, my daughter helped with the splatters.

    Thanks for taking the time, folks!

  14. this is really great! It is very hard to work outside, but you did a great job :)

  15. >hi,
    >great job,looking good concept arts.
    >ilove your colours arts

    >see my blog.
    >>Comment are wellcome.