Monday, October 5, 2009

Illustration Friday: Germs

Hello, blogfriends! It's starting to get cold here in L.A. Next thing you know it's flu season. So, take precaution and stay germ free like Bagel here.


  1. :( germs, great work!!
    Kind regards

  2. I like it, though I think it might have been better if you'd posed the doggie slightly more 3/4s from the front, so you could see more of the length of the muzzle under the face mask.

    Having said that, it's a lovely little illo and an imaginative response to the brief. Keep it up!

    Adam Foster-Fahy

  3. jejeje
    paranoia dulce paranoia


  4. It's fun to see what Bagel is up too. He looks irritated by that mask. Good Job.

  5. ¿Frio en Los Angeles? Quizás habría que añadir al perro una bufanda, je, je.

  6. lovely illustration. i like all your previous drawings,pictures and posts.

    hey, i am sorry i've not been so active going around visiting other sites :(

    best regards

  7. Bagel also need protection.He..He..
    Thanks it's fun to see dog wearing mask!

    My warmest thank you to you for dropping by to cheer up my little blog.
    I hope you have grab some "M" & :"W" germs from my IF post!!!!
    These two germs can do miracles!
    It's with you now and forever:)
    It seems life is so magical and wonderful with more people like you:)

    Thanks an thanks!

  8. I love Bagel. He is just so timely with his escapades. Bagel can really be used as a gauge for what's going on in the world today.

    This is a great illo, as per usual. Thanks so much for dropping by my side of town.

    Always love coming here.

  9. Very cute idea. Nice work.

  10. so true, so true...keep well, Ako! Good for your beagle!!

  11. Too cute! I really like all your Bagel drawings.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog!