Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Illustration Friday: Pioneer

Last minute idea to add a bonnet and make this self-portrait of a young me as a pioneer.

Explanation: Somehow I can relate. As an immigrant, there was a lot of opportunity for me to venture, explore, and be "the first".

But then again, I've always been one to do her thing her own way, be different from everybody else or what's expected, have her own voice. The story of my life... or the artist in me?

Happy 2010 everyone! Let's make it a great year!!!


  1. A great one Ako,
    happy new year,
    jan :)

  2. de alguna manera

    todos somos pioneros!!

    ungran beso y felicidades!

  3. Nice work and thanks for the insight. Happy New Year!

  4. Just found your blog and really enjoy it, you have a new follower! I love your pioneer sketch it is just lovely - I also see you're another beagle lover, Bagle is adorable! If you get a chance, stop on by and sign my slideshow guestbook, I love seeing everyone's pets!