Friday, April 30, 2010

What a pal!

Please check out Melissa Kojima's blog. She's an artist in LA. So talented! Take a look at the portrait she made of me. Isn't she wonderful?


  1. Ah, thanks, Vicki. It was so fun creating it and you are a wonderful subject!

  2. Sure! Wonderful portrait. You both must be proud.

  3. I checked out your friends blog and followed. I think it must be great to be surrounded by books and to draw, my two favorite pastimes.

  4. It was fun to see your portrait there! I liked the symbolism in it.

  5. Cool! Thank you all!

    Hey Vicki, post some more of your work. Whatcha been drawing lately?

    Here's a long reply to your question on my blog about sketching before hand. I just copied & pasted what I wrote on my blog.

    Hey Vicki,

    Thank you and good question. This is my sketchbook, so I just improvise as I go along. I might have an idea where I'm going or I might not.

    That's the fun it it. Actually, the work I do for myself, including the paintings like your portrait, are all improvised. I have an idea, but it's all worked out in the process.

    I think I'm able to do this now since I've been creating art for a while. When I first started out, I did not have this kind of boldness.

    When I work for a client, I have to do sketches first so we can agree on a concept and where it's going. It saves time and heartache.

    Well, that's the long answer. Haahahahhahhahaha......

    Hope you're doing well.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to answer, Mel. :)

    I've been drawing, but not to the likeness that I want so I haven't posted any. It's the trying-to-please-people part of me. I will draw some today worthy of viewing I hope. :)